The campaign opens with the party under the control of a band of slavers, heading west through Cascadia. Along with the PCs, the slavers' captives include a family, a group of raiders, a merchant, and a drugged-up super mutant. All of us are fitted with explosive collars that can be triggered by any of the slavers.

After two weeks of travel, we have stopped in Kantown, where we are unsuccessfully put up for auction, with the exception of Alder, whose abilities may be worth a high price at a more wealthy location. After the auction, we see the slavers' leader, Krieger, being forced to pay off fake bidders he planted in order to try and drive up our prices.

Desperate to rid himself of deadweight, Krieger stages a gladiatorial battle in a cow pasture, forcing the PCs to fight against the raiders. He tries to deceive the crowd with the PCs' unimpressive appearance and collect bets against them, but Megan foils his plan by talking up the PCs to the audience. Earl riles up one of the raiders, Horsecock, who then charges the slavers and has his slave collar detonated. The PCs defeat the rest of the raiders, and the slavers take footage of the battle.

The slavers are eager to continue pushing west before inclement weather makes the Cascade Mountains impassable. We also determine that giant mutant mole rats are a frequent threat in the area, and plan to use this to our advantage. While the musicians Nick and Julian distract the slavers, Mac sabotages the slavers' truck's brake line, and Sierra steals the slavers' GPS, and Megan modifies the programmed route.

The next day, we persuade the slavers to allow us to go scavenging for food, which they agree to largely due to the fact that they have more mouths to feed than they'd planned to after Kantown. Accompanied by two of the slavers, we find a deserted bowling alley, where we are ambushed by The Nine Pins. They kill one of our guards, and Earl kills the other one. The Nine Pins are otherwise largely ineffectual and go down quickly. Idith gathers supplies to make a mole rat attractant but accidentally detonates the materials, and the bowling alley catches fire in a mole rat-attracting conflagration.

We salvage a large amount of supplies, including beer, snack cakes, mechanical and electrical components, a fission battery, the guards' detonators for our slave collars, and more mole rat attractant supplies. We disable one of the detonators without leaving a visible mark and burn the other one. We also douse the snack cakes with the mole rat attractant. We craft a cover story as we wait for the rest of the slavers to arrive.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window - Patti Page

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window - Patti Page