• Remove poison from Robert and bring him around; blames Mac for taking disproportionate risks in pursuit of profits and provoking enemies that are now targeting the entire McCarthy family
  • Earl and Morrigan surrounded by King Cobras led by a minor leader whose chaser was destroyed attempting to regain face; Earl manipulates internal rivalries to turn aggression away from Miss Daisy and Dorodango
  • Riko gives Morrigan courier job
  • Jim, Mudite out of suit, comes to store and delivers payment for “services rendered”
  • Trade Robert for fuel cells, supplies, self-winding winch
  • Head to “Cordlane,” renamed to “Hayden” (named after lake), run by trio of tradesman (Cordin Newman: brahmin, Levi Scriber: water, Melvin Garrison: general goods) and sheriff, Jera
  • Stopped by Silver Shirts, Hayden’s police force, who all display unusual physical mutations; mention conflict to the north
  • Get directions to Scriber’s, which has been burned and demolished; large metal items were dragged away
  • Hayden originally existed to the north, expanded southward to take over Cordlane, “den of iniquity”
  • Directed to One-Eyed Jack’s motel for lodging, told to stay one day only
  • Waterfront to the south, resort referred to as “The Big House,” a militarized non-civilian zone
  • Partially covered graffiti telling “Rahowa” to leave (Rahowa known/warned about in Kantown)
  • Get story from Jack, longtime resident of Cordlane: August Kreis the XI is leader of Rahowa movement, formerly isolationists in Hayden but moved south to take over/ethnically cleanse Cordlane 3 months ago; those deemed racially impure killed, driven out, or imprisoned on boat; possibly driven to expansion after starting war with “Carved People” up north; Lady Kreis in seclusion since death of her husband (August the 10th) 30 years ago; dynasty goes back to August Kreis III, who took over the largest of the Aryan nation camps from St. Butler near the end of the 20th century
  • Silver Shirt Millid comes to collect bribe from Jack; Morrigan requests audience with Lady Kreis as fellow royalty
  • Morrigan delivers dorodango to Lady Kreis, who uses silenced pistol to coup de grace guard Brisbane and requests rescue
Bing Crosby-"The Day You Came Along"

Bing Crosby-"The Day You Came Along"