The Raider's Lust

This is a very... umm... what is the word? Risque book? Well, first off it stars the imprisoned damsel Rachel, held against her will in a Raider's tower. She was stripped of her titles and imprisoned by her horrible uncle Rasio! The Raider's of the tower were a cruel bunch, out to wreck and ravage the lands, but one of them was not. It was Nathan. Beautiful, gentle Nathan took Rachel under his own protection and guarded her door every night.

In the evenings they'd talk to each other through her door, almost never seeing each other. It was only during royal parades, or public functions that she was allowed out to see the world, and even then Nathan refused to reviel his identiy to her in fear of prosecution.

But eventually passions were too much, she loved this man too much, and he could not but return such thoughts! So one night he entered her room, but to keep her identity a secret he blind folded her, and then... OH! This is just too much for my brain to handle!

It was entertaining, and full of... many human bodily functions I never knew about.

It was brilliant! The end!

-Queen Morrigan