• Explain to Sarah McKinsey circumstances leading to discovery and defeat of Eugene
  • Hypothesize Eugene stole 6.42’s breeding genetic material before exile, created wasp queen
  • 6.42 humans genetically modified to have pheromone organ that develops at puberty, at which point they need bestiole to help manage pheromone sense or go insane
  • Suggest 6.44 for NPCs, 6.43 as common area for trade with 6.42
  • Alanna Brynmor, head of security for 6.42
  • Marcus sends coded message over relay about breach attempt
  • Vitorae Company: Captain Norman Locker, quartermaster, 30 mercenaries in 4-man squads, slaves using mining equipment on edge of vault door
  • Babushka based in nearby town Roslyn with troops led by Brena Caersicus, made deal with Locker that she could subdue bounty targets if vault is breached
  • Mac negotiates with Locker, exchange of wasp paper for Vitorae Company to disengage
  • After radio conversation reveals Kharisma’s experimentation, Locker reports that Babushka has turned feral ghouls on sentient ghouls in Roslyn, taking control of sentient ghouls upon physical capture
  • Aided by sentient ghoul Randall
  • Alder deprograms Babushka’s nanobots, removes curse on Davey
  • Coordinate with 6.42 security forces and Sarah’s wasps to mount an assault on Roslyn
  • Babushka threatens to kill ghouls for power to defend herself, driven to leave Othello
  • 6.41: very small vault completely sealed off from outside world, used to experiment with complete lack of disease, life support system failed
  • South of 6.41, massive door across tram tunnel for Hub 4
The Drifters - There goes my baby

The Drifters - There goes my baby